The year is almost over, and 2022 is just a few days away. As January approaches, stylish women should be ready to grace the new year in style as they return to work after the festive season. 

As you browse through various appropriate work bags for women, you need to consider the items you want to carry with you in your bags, such as stationery, a laptop, makeup, chargers, and personal diaries. Therefore, the bag should be well built to hold the items and still fashionable to match your outfit.  

For the new year, we have picked the ten best Tote bags from Amazon that you can buy. You might be looking for a simple purse for work or a designer laptop bag. This article will reduce time consumption by providing ten handbags review that you can choose to add to your bag collection. 

1. Radley London Upper Street Large Zip-Top Tote Bag

When it comes to class and fashion Radley London will never disappoint you. If you are looking for simple work totes for women, then the brand’s zip-top tote bag is the right one for you.

Radley London Upper street
Radley London Upper street – Shop Now!

This fashionable tote bag is handcrafted with extra detail by up to 20 top-tier artisans. The bag’s outer material is made from high-quality soft-grained leather, and the inner textile makes it durable. Its design makes it a versatile handbag that you can choose to grace on any occasion.  

2. Bojly Fashion Women’s Tote Bag

The Bojly Fashion women’s tote bag is perfect if you are a sophisticated modern woman. The bag is suitable for an elegant lifestyle and comes in colors to match your outfits. Bojly is a renowned company committed to producing durable and stylish bags superior to competitors.

Bojly Women Tote Bag
Bojly Women Tote Bag – Shop Now!

It is a large capacity women’s work bag capable of carrying a 15-inch laptop and other accessories you need. Moreover, the manufacturer designed this woman’s work bag to be foldable to a hand purse, making it easy to carry around with you when you are not using the bag. 

3. Kaukko Stylish Canvas Tote Bag

If you are looking for super heavy-duty and robust work bags for women, the Kaukko Stylish Canvas tote bag is the best one. Made from cotton canvas which gives it strength and durability, the bag is very comfortable. You can fit all your accessories such as books, smartphones, documents, and cosmetic appliances.

Kaukko Stylish Canvas
Kaukko Stylish Canvas – Shop Now!

The bag’s cute design has two kittens woven, making it perfect for casual wearing workdays, and is designed to make women feel good when wearing bags. It comes with enough capacity and multi-pockets that allow you to arrange all your accessories logically.  

4. Scarleton Reversible Tote Bag For Women

This bag is suitable for modern women since it’s reversible and can be flipped into two colors. It embraces the modern style of manufacturing that considers animal welfare since it uses vegan leather in its interior and polyester on its exterior. Additionally, the bag uses classic gold hardware on the tote’s bag magnetic closures.

Svarleton Stylish Reversible Tote Bag
Stylish Reversible Tote Bag – Shop Now!

The bag is durable and will serve you a very long time. Moreover, its simple design makes it easy to use, and all your accessories such as makeup and smartphone are easily accessible when needed.


5. YTL Women Handbags

A bag that is very convincing to everyone because it comes with additional handbags which you can use to carry extra items such as your lipstick, gloss, or makeup essentials. Its sleek design and color make it suitable for any stylish woman who desires to look glamorous for any occasion.

YTL Women Handbags
YTL Women Handbags -Shop Now!

6. Kattee Genuine Soft Leather Handbag

The bag’s design is suited for women who love soft genuine leather crafted with top layer cowhide leather and has an interior with a polyester lining. Kattee provides you with a women’s work bag that comes with the unique ideal elegance that you might be looking for in 2022. You can fit a 13.3-inch laptop, A4 magazines, cell phone, wallet, and iPad in the bag.

Kattee Genuine Soft Leather Bag
Kattee Genuine Soft Leather Bag – Shop Now!

If you are all about style and glamour, this bag perfectly suits you, and the color is made to match all your outfits, giving you that modern independent woman look. 

7. Geuss Hensley Tote Bag (Dark Brown)

Guess the Hensley tote bag is a delightful bag that any stylish woman cannot resist. The work bag’s color will stand out and amaze people around you. With a spacious interior, the bag allows you to store all your essential items, which you can secure using either flap or magnetic closures.

Guess Hensley Tote bag
Guess Hensley Tote bag – Shop Now!

As with most Guess products, this bag will exceed your expectations when you touch and feel its smooth texture. You will love working with this bag, and people around you will feel your presence. 

8. Coccinelle Matinee 

All stylish women should add this work bag to their collection of totes. The designers used premium quality cow leather to serve you a very long time. Its dimension allows you to carry every item you need.

Coccinelle Amtinee Tote Bag
Coccinelle Amtinee Tote Bag – Shop Now!

This bag shouldn’t be missed in your collection as it has a unique design that will stand out in the office and crowds. 

9. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Poppy ST Tote

If you love renowned designers, then you can miss out on the Tommy Hilfiger women’s tote bag. The bag is environmentally friendly since it uses recycled nylon and zip closure. It has one main compartment, a single interior zipped, and two slip pockets to accommodate your essentials such as laptops and makeup.

Tommy Hillfiger Women's Poppy bag
Tommy Hillfiger Women’s Poppy Bag

10. NEWHEY Laptop Bags for Women

The NEWHEY laptop bag is a handcrafted leather tote bag ideal for stylish women in 2022. The bag is very reliable, durable and you can go with it anywhere you want. It can fit all your commuting essentials such as credit cards, wallets, mobile phones, and tablets.

Newhey Laptop Bags for Women
Newhey Laptop Bags for Women – Shop Now!

The textured leather used on the bag makes the tote bag sturdy and strong enough to carry all your essentials. These attributes, coupled with elegance, make this bag something worth adding to your bag collection.

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