Do you have commitments to attend to and want to tote your laptop around? A good laptop backpack often comes in handy. It keeps you from developing back problems and makes you feel more organized and fashionable while running errands. 

As an expert in laptop backpacks, I have tested and tried various bags to find the 11 best stylish laptop backpacks for women to buy in 2022. Let’s check them out:

Best Overall Laptop Backpack for Ladies

At the top of this list is my favorite bag, the Sakutane laptop backpack. It is an excellent choice for ladies toting a 17-inch laptop or tablet with a nice load of personal items such as books, work documents, a water bottle, headphones, and beauty accessories. The adjustable straps allow for different body sizes, and the foam cushion padded back panel makes it a bit breezier to carry the weight. A dedicated laptop compartment is nicely padded, while the main pocket of 23L capacity has enough room for anything and everything, and there are some secret pockets.

Sakutane laptop backpack
Sakutane Laptop Backpack – Shop Here!

It has anti-theft features as you can only access the main zipper on the back of the backpack and a lockable double zipper closure. Even better, the backpack’s waterproof, high density, and tear-resistant material makes it durable for prolonged use. There is no strange logo on the outside as it is versatile for use from work to commutes to the gym. It makes an excellent gift idea for holidays, graduations, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Best Laptop Backpack for Work

When is talking about work bags, people always think of tote bags firstly! However, a good professional laptop backpack can be saving your grace as well. the Briggs and Riley backpack is an excellent rucksack for work, its minimalistic design, with ample space and clever pockets, is great to buy. On the outside, it is simple, but inside, it allows you to become your most organized self.

Briggs & Riley Unisex @Work Large Cargo Backpack
Work Large Cargo Backpack

Its 17-inch laptop pocket has integrated padded laptop sleeves for added protection, and the main compartment is roomy enough for large, bulky, or odd-shaped items. There is a front organizer pocket and two at the sides for carrying a water bottle. You will find it easy to take to work with the adjustable padded straps, and the zipper fastening is for added safety. My favorite feature is the slip-through back panel that allows seamless transportation of two bags as one. 

Best Laptop Backpack for Moms

As a mom, you don’t just buy any laptop bag; Qimiaobaby Nappy Changing Backpack has to accommodate and serve both your and the baby’s needs. This carryall backpack is made with you in mind and has cleverly-thought features. You get two stroller straps, a bottle bag, a changing pad, and a diaper bag included in the package.

Qimiaobaby Nappy Changing Backpack with Laptop Compartment
Qimiaobaby Nappy Changing Backpack with Laptop Compartment

The main compartment has multiple sorting pockets to keep you organized, and a laptop compartment easily fits a 22.3-inch laptop. Carrying the backpack will not be a struggle due to the breathable design. It is made of high-quality, water-resistant, durable fabric for sturdiness and resistance to deformation and tearing. Buyers get 100% quality assurance as even the handle and straps are reinforced with a seam that won’t tear. 

Best Laptop Backpack for College

The Estarer backpack is a perfectly equipped bag to accompany you to college without losing your style. It is designed for students to carry a 15.6-inch laptop with a load of books, personal items, and other study materials.

Estarer Women Black Laptop Backpack
Estarer Women Black Laptop Backpack

The sleek and sophisticated backpack has a cleverly-thought handle to act as a handbag for ultra-carrying comfort. You get a detachable fashion tassel ring adding a touch of elegance and a stylish golden turn clasp closure for the flap. Its adjustable shoulder straps make it comfortable to carry, whether tall or short; you can tote the backpack to school without burdening your back and shoulders. This is the ultimate backpack for anyone in college, and the good part is you can still use it for your daily errands even after graduating.  


Best Leather Laptop Backpack

Leather backpacks are a classic, and P.KU.VDSL Canvas Leather Laptop Backpack is made of canvas with genuine cow leather trim, so you can be assured of quality and durability. The vintage rucksack has adjustable shoulder straps offering a comfortable carrying option and is suitable for different occasions like going shopping, hiking, traveling, work, school and camping.

P.KU.VDSL Canvas Leather Laptop Backpack
P.KU.VDSL Canvas Leather Laptop Backpack

It works as a canvas laptop backpack with its padded compartment and has multi-pockets, offering space for your other stuff. The over flap cover has a belt design and snap button closure that adds style to the exterior design and ensures your essentials are safe on the inside. I love its simplicity and, more so, its functionality. 

Best Travel Laptop Backpack

I come by this Matein waterproof wheeled travel backpack all the time at the airports, buses, or trains stations, and here’s why: The lightweight backpack gets the job done with no frills or upgrades. It has a great design offering carrying convenience with its adjustable shoulder straps; you can use the aluminum telescoping handle or pull it around on the rubber wheels.

Matein Waterproof Wheeled Travel Backpack
Matein Waterproof Wheeled Travel Backpack – Shop Here!

Take it with you anywhere on your trips as it is durably made with polyester fabric, metal zippers and has a waterproof bottom with corner guards and kick plate. There is a separate fully-padded compartment for a 15-inch laptop and a large 36L capacity main compartment to easily hold your books, luggage, or clothes for an overnight trip.   

Best Water-Resistant Laptop Backpack

When you think of a good-quality laptop backpack, it should be functional and allow basic storage. The Caturix Cumbattant has a 38L storage space and a soft top cover that’s kept together with high-quality handles and straps to defend against anything while keeping your gear intact. Safety is a priority as the bag is armed with lockable zippers so nobody can access your essentials.


It offers convenience in carrying as the padded shoulder straps, and the padded carry handle is made of neoprene. Upgrade your organization game by putting everything where it belongs with the aid of the clearly marked pockets. My favorite part is the reflective Caturix-helmet on the back that allows you to be seen at night and the included micro-torch to illuminate the inside, and you find your stuff quickly. 

Best High-Capacity Laptop Backpack

The D’Addario backpack does exactly what a high-capacity bag needs to with no frills. It is the best solution for people carrying a lot of gear, such as players on the move. More than eight specialized compartments make transporting everything to your gig intuitive and painless. The heavy construction keeps everything safe, while the water-resistant zippers protect your contents from outside elements.

Best High-Capacity Laptop Backpack
D’Addario Laptop Backpack – Shop Here!

It has comfortable padding that makes carrying the backpack easy on the shoulders and back. The bag has a minimalist design on the outside, and the inside has small and large compartments, with one specially made for a laptop. The good thing is you can be as organized as you want using the removable partitions to create custom compartments and carry everything where it belongs. 

Best Slim Laptop Backpack

SEVENTEEN LONDON Slim Laptop Backpack is perfect for school, travel, cycling, and city walks. It is a durable backpack offering the functionality of hand-free. The best thing is it comes in various colors and is 100% vegan. A laptop pocket for a 13-inch laptop or tablet will keep your laptop intact, and there is plenty of storage in the main compartment and external pockets.

SEVENTEEN LONDON - Classic Slim Urban Design
SEVENTEEN LONDON – Classic Slim Urban Design

Users can enjoy the convenience of carrying the bag on their back or use the grab-and-go design offered by the ergonomically designed straps. My favorite feature is the bag is water-resistant and can loosen up to accommodate a few extra items, so all your stuff fits in one carrier. 

Best Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

OGIO Bandit Versatile Backpack is a brilliant tech backpack. The anti-theft security feature is emerging popular in backpacks to ensure your essentials have extra protection. This do-it-all backpack has a dedicated, ultra-protective laptop compartment that will fit a 17-inch laptop hassle-free.

OGIO Bandit Versatile Backpack with HUB Comfort and Ultra-Protective Laptop Compartment
OGIO Bandit Versatile Backpack

Its 28L main compartment is large enough to accommodate your essentials making the bag ideal for many uses. While using it, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings because the zipper fastening has that covered. Everything packs well and is organized with the additional padded pockets making it extremely commuter-friendly. I like this piece because it can serve as your everyday carrier. 

Best Commuter Laptop Backpack for Women

If you need a modern laptop backpack for daily wear and commuting, this AmazonBasics urban backpack has all the perks needed. It has convenience, comfort, and functionality, so you can carry your essentials and tote your laptop without any hindrances. The stylish yet minimalist design makes it ideal for school, work, travel, and more.

Amazon Basics Urban Backpack for Laptops up to 38 cmckpack-for-Laptops-up-to-38-cm
Amazon Basics Urban Backpack for Laptops

Users don’t have to worry about the contents inside because this backpack guarantees to keep them intact with the two-way zipper and water-resistant material. I like its dedicated padded compartment for laptops up to 38 cm, such as HP, Dell, and Macbook. Besides the laptop, multiple compartments will fit your other items. Get as organized as possible while on the move and carry all your items, including a water bottle in the side pocket. 

Wrap Up 

The above article discusses the best laptop backpacks women should buy in 2022, from bestsellers, new arrivals to top designer trends. I hope you have browsed them and landed on the perfect match for you. 

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